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BIG things are coming!

As the title suggests there are some big things that are going down. The season 2 finale of Zenith VR, Beta 1 for Zenith is releasing December 18th, and some behind the scenes project that we're going to be working on for the coming months.

With the recent announcement for Beta 1 FINALLY being announced, I figured there was no better time to drop some more teasers of what's to come for the Zenith VR series. You can check the images attached to this blog post below!

I'm going to leave it up to speculation on what you guys think these art concepts are for. But let me tell you this is BIG! And everyday I see the progress it gets me more and more excited. Seriously can't wait to share the full details when I get the chance to. :)


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Mar 17, 2022

Toast I love your videos and I think it is really cool what you do here. Remember never stop creating never stop Armageddon never stop being awesom.


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We're just a group of guys trying to have a place in the Zenith VR world. Someday we won't have the strength to wield a sword and take down those dungeons, so future generations will have to take lead. And no-one can fight on an empty stomach, so that's what we're here for! Throwing our passion into every element that we deposit into our dishes. Especially the greatest spell of all time "Armageddon"

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