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Meet Benson

Benson was brought into this world over in the TurtleTop area. Where he still stands against any weary travelers that are not yet ready to take on the King Shark. How could you even get around him? The slim physique, those piercing eyes, those stilt-like legs, and that dominating T-pose to top it all off. Benson is one of the most powerful beings ever created, even looking at him can have you shook. Photo creds to KingJelloFish


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The Team at Armageddon


We're just a group of guys trying to have a place in the Zenith VR world. Someday we won't have the strength to wield a sword and take down those dungeons, so future generations will have to take lead. And no-one can fight on an empty stomach, so that's what we're here for! Throwing our passion into every element that we deposit into our dishes. Especially the greatest spell of all time "Armageddon"

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